Pharmaceutical companies face many complexities guiding a new drug through the development process toward the launch of the product — a complicated endeavor involving numerous milestones and a large investment of human and financial resources.


 1.  Pharmaceutical Product Branding Strategies provides a solid framework for dynamic modeling to help marketers, forecasters, and brand planners successfully

  • Predict the behavior of patients, physicians, and R&D processes
  • Build a successful brand management strategy
  • Target a wider audience with your product
  • This didactic guide discusses the complexities faced by many pharmaceutical firms and explains how dynamic modeling effectively addresses these problems in a systematic way. The positive effects of this method are supported by articles from recent business publications, literature reviews, definitions sections, and collectible market-level data. Dynamic modeling is also compared and contrasted with other existing techniques to give the reader background information and context before initiating a plan.

2.  Strategies highlighted as part of a strong brand planning formula include

  • Cross-functional coordination and knowledge integration to assess the patient’s needs
  • Diffusion, segmentation quantification, and ultimate calibration to encourage doctors to adopt your product
  • Choice models, conjoin analysis,, competitive sets, data collection/estimation, and market calibration to create an “attractive” treatment for consumers
  • Integration of three basic analysis platforms (patient dynamics doctor adoption, and treatment attractiveness) to sell your brand.


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