Choosing a property branding agency that understands property but also how to approach a project strategically is key. Ensure when choosing from the selection of property branding agencies out there, they can talk the talk but more importantly walk the walk.


1. Property branding has always been very much about people. Stories. Dreams.

In the 21st century, we’re seeing developers take this approach to new levels to increase demand from investors and prospective buyers. In a competitive market, telling buyers a compelling story about what they are buying into – over and above the bricks and mortar – is what really helps sell the dream. This, and developing a consistent and strategic approach to your branding to identify and target your ideal customers.

2. Property Branding is embracing strategy

This idea that things as insubstantial as dreams and ideas have the power to sell solid buildings can be witnessed across the UK property market. But these understandings must be combined with a completely integrated and comprehensive marketing strategy that now includes multiple touchpoints and opportunities to engage customers. The key to doing this successfully is ensuring consistency at every turn.


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