Service – Production can be a complex field and sometimes difficult to market to our surrounding community. Often, we face challenges such as lack of buy-in, budget, or manpower. Here our services solutions have put in hours, days, and years to get to the level of marketing that we have reached today.

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  1. Stay Focused and Consistent

    Make sure that your area or initiative has a specific mission and/or goals. Focus on communicating this clear and specific message to your community. What is your office name? What services do you provide? How can you be reached? Do you have a tagline that makes sense? Keep it simple. ​Our staff visits as many academic or student affairs departments as we can throughout the year. We do this annually to ensure they know our names and faces, what our area provides, and how we can work with them. We also make sure to be present at student and parent orientations and often table regularly outside of our office with giveaways. We stick with the common theme logos, even if our content changes. Make sure to always put the logo on everything you create.

  2. Partner

    Never underestimate the power of a good partnership. Our office has teamed up with other leaders on our campus such as Housing and Residence Life, the Recreation and Wellness Center, Counseling, Health Services, and more! These offices partner with us to make up our UCF Cares initiative team to provide programming and support for students. Because we all have the same goals for the safety and well-being of students, we share in a lot of things; programming efforts, marketing, services, and even monetary resources. We have been able to provide more programming and marketing materials by teaming up with other offices that generate their own funds because we share the workload and a common goal.

  3. Increase your reach

    Social media is your friend! We encourage everyone we meet to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We share valuable content such as scholarships, programs, university resources, job opportunities, and puppy pictures-everything you need as a college student. Our UCF Cares Ambassadors fill the gap with student-to-student outreach. They host educational and social events throughout the year to spread the word. We have also worked with students to create marketing videos for our office for students, faculty, staff, and parents to get to know us a little better. We also offer training to student groups, faculty and staff, Resident Assistants, and present at orientations.

  4. Get Creative

    Research what resonates with students, what has worked well at other institutions and your community, and put your own twist on it! Don’t have a creative bone in your body? Team up with someone who does. For example, our university marketing team created a spin-off of the how are you feeling today? the poster that people love! They provided us with swivel cards with various emotional faces and tips on how to deal with students experiencing the coinciding concern. The phrase From Caring Comes Courage can also be seen on many student and staff t-shirts at UCF which was another popular marketing campaign. We also repurposed some older lengthy Emergency Guides and transitioned them into quick glance resources and support tips and contacts for student concerns. These were provided at Faculty orientations and directly to departments. What kind of support can you get at no cost? Think: Interns, student ambassadors, a Facebook page


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