Large or small, every organisation is faced with the need to secure their networks. The products and solutions deployed can range from basic security tools like Anti-Virus and Content Filtering through to more complex solutions such as SSL VPN and Application Firewalls.

LBG has worked with almost every key security vendor in the industry as a result we have a great deal of experience with most security solutions. LBG provides a full range of technical consultancy services in:

  • Resilience
  • End Point Device Control
  • Web/Data Application Firewall
  • Strong User Authentication
  • Forensic Email Archiving
  • Content Security
  • Application Gateway SSL-VPN
  • High Availability
  • Multilink VPN Technology
  • Intrusion Prevention Solution



  • Security Management
  • Security Policy and Operational Procedure Development
  • Incident Management and Response 


    • Monitoring and managing data
    • Reducing our legal liabilities
    • Reducing increasing amounts of spam e-mail
    • Managing employee Internet usage
    • Ensure our employees are protected at all times


Desktops, laptops and servers are vulnerable to attack, this is due to the use of portable media in the workplace, remote workers and a general lack of awareness from users; many of which freely plug their media devices into their corporate systems.

Many of these invisible threats are able to bypass the gateway and infect information systems with viruses, malware and leave it open for possible hacker attacks.

As a result organisations are seeking new and effective methods of securing their end point devices. LBG understands the problems organisations have with securing their end point devices and offer a solution completely secure against attack.


LBG provides a range of business solutions that can ensure your Information systems are safeguarded against everything from malicious attack to your security systems failing. These solutions vary from High Availability Firewalls to robust SSL-VPN solutions and overall security management and business continuity processes with our security consultancy services.


Many organisations face the problem of not only wanting their employees to comply with best practice through adhering to company policies and procedures but to understand the reasoning behind the requirements expected of them.

LBG can provide a comprehensive solution, allowing all staff members to find the right security polices that apply to them in their specific job role.


The cornerstone to providing Secure Remote Access for fixed site locations and mobile clients are VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). VPNs provide strong encryption between two points whether this is between the corporate network and a remote local area network, or a mobile device such as a laptop or PDA.

LBG’s independent security consultants can provide advice and guidance on finding the solution which is most appropriate to the present and future requirements of your organisation. In conjunction with the world leading technology partners in this field, LBG has a proven track record delivering these solutions to both SME and Enterprise customers.


Organisations today face the task of verifying the digital identity of a user on a daily basis. Strong identity management can provide an additional level of assurance that corporate systems are safe from unwanted intrusion.

A good solution is easy to deploy and can be used to authenticate VPN access or website access providing safe authentication.


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